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Engineering/Electronic Applications

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The flexibility of the etching process provides a rapid and cost effective method of production of metal components over a range of industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic, Medical, Telecoms and many more.

The low tooling costs mean that we can convert prototype to volume production in a quick and cost effective way, the process also enables customer design changes to be a quick and straightforward process.

In addition to our standard stock metals  we also stock Kovar Alloy and Beryllium Copper providing extra choice for manufacturing.

Examples of the types of parts that can be etched are:-

Meshes & Filters
Encoder Discs
Connectors & Contacts
Fuel Cell Plates
Screening Cans
Shims & Washers
Heat Exchangers
EMI/RFI Shielding
Battery Terminals

Benefits of the etching process over other manufacturing techniques:-

Low-cost tooling
Metal properties remain unaltered
Low-cost repeatability
Quick turnaround
Burr-free parts
No heat-affected zone (HAZ)
Stress free parts
Phototools can be used on a variety of metals.
The ability to create complex shapes
Rapid design changes can be quickly implemented.


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