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Etching Costs

For etch only sheets our costs are made up three parts:

  • Setup Phototool Cost (this is a one off cost to create the phototool)
  • The metal sheet cost
  • Postage & packing

PPD Ltd. source metal in both coil and sheet format allowing us flexibility in the sheet sizes we are able to create, there are however standard sheet sizes that are more efficient for us to process and is more cost effective for the customer, the sizes are listed on our 'Artwork Guide' page

Both the Setup and Sheet costs are calculated based on the area used, it is not linked to the number of parts or the complexity of the parts making the etching process a cost effective manufacturing solution compared to other techniques such as stamping, punching etc.

To give an indication of costs we've included below 2 PDF files, one for the phototool costs and one for the sheet costs in a variety of metal types and thicknesses, these are based on standard small run orders, for costs of larger production volumes please get in touch and our sales team will provide a bespoke quotation.

PDF Icon Setup 1  PDF Icon Sheet 1

 Our minimum cost for an etch order is £37.50 + post + vat.


Laser Costs

Unlike the costing method for etched only sheets, the cost for laser cut parts does depend on the complexity of the cut profile, in addition to the type and thickness of metal used.

In order to provide a quote we run the cad file through our laser software to obtain the 'cut time', this along with the thickness and type of metal enables us to provide a quotation.

Our minimum cost for an laser order is £30.00 + post + vat.


Etch & Laser Combination Costs

Costing for combination etch & laser parts are calculated in a similar way to the 'Etching Costs' and 'Laser Costs', the 'etch' part of the costs will in general be lower than in a standard etched sheet as it will consist of a surface etch only. Contact us for further information on this service. 

Our minimum cost for a combination etch & laser order is £40.00 + post + vat.

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