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Laser & Etch Combination

Etch / Laser Combination 

One of PPD's first 'Etch & Laser' projects was on behalf of the Rotary Club of Mid-Argyll, with close links to PPD we offered to produce the Dux medal for our local high school here in Lochgliphead as a donation - we were after all still in the midst of commissioning and needing as many 'test' runs as possible prior to offering as a service to our customers.

The decision was made to produce such a medal on 3mm brass, something that would be impossible using the etch-only process!

The first stage of production was to surface etch the logo and text detail on both the front and reverse of the sheet, we wanted the lettering to have a black ink applied and decided to apply this to the sheet prior to the lasering process, applying ink and lasering is a process we have since come to be understand to a greater degree, but back in June it was very much a steep learning curve!


 Laser Etch1Laser Etch2

 Creating a CAD file of the design                  Detail is halfetched & ink applied                  

One of the greatest attributes of the laser that we have installed is the profile cut finish, it's incredible and even on 3mm brass, apart from some touching up of the ink there was no finishing required of the final piece!

To say that we are pleased with the results we can achieve from the etch/laser combination is an understatement, without any advertising or promotion our new laser has already been put to good use, our existing customers have found that the option of using both processes can provide a solution where parts are outwith the scope of the etching process.

Laser Etch4Laser Etch5

And the results of our first etch/laser combination? We were really pleased with the finished medal!  Our friends at Rotary and local high school loved it too! 

Laser Etch6Laser Etch7                         

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